1. Where to buy Alfrank Furniture.
Alfrank Designs sells through an extensive network of retailers located throughout the UK and Ireland.
Please email  
info@alfrank.ie  or call us on +353 (0)1 8091402 to find your local stockist.

 2. Sizes.
Please refer to our Product Ranges tab for the dimensions of each of our ranges.
Unfortunately, we do not offer special sizes.

 3. Colours/Fabrics/Finishes

 The colour, fabric and finish illustrated on our website, in our brochure and shown on our retailers displays are indicative of what is on offer. Because our products are hand finished, we cannot guarantee that any one piece of furniture will exactly match another – variations in grain or colour are part of the natural beauty of the product.Alfrank does not offer a choice to change the colour, fabric and finish on our ranges.

 4. Caring for your Alfrank Furniture.

Alfrank marble tables are made from solid marble, each collection having a distinctive and beautiful marble colour finish. The table is then lacquered to achieve a high gloss look.

Whilst marble is a very robust material, care should be taken not to scratch the lacquer or drop heavy objects on the table as this could cause damage. Coasters should always be used under hot or cold dishes. Please do not wax or use any spray on this table. A damp cloth is all that is needed to keep the table in perfect condition. Finish by buffing with a dry duster.Like any furniture product, we would recommend that Alfrank products are not exposed to prolonged sunlight.